Not Disappointed.

We really enjoyed the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Just what we were looking for. The service was fast and the sushi yummy.
Would of like a little description in the menu. Even though we ordered blindly, we were not disappointed.

Chris Bolz

Will Come Back Again.

Great food and stongly recommended. Yokohama rolls are pretty and the takoyaki are super delicious. The service is nice and the vibe is awesome. Will come back again.

Angel Ruan

Delicious and Tasty.

Very tasty food, however the service was awful. Our waitress din. It check up on us, had to flag her down numerous times to bring us our check. On th upside the food was fresh, delicious and tasty.

Lauran Baram

Great local beers on tap.

Very delicious sushi shop right in the heart of Whyte Ave. Still has tasty small dishes like an Izakaya style of restaurant but the sushi is still very delicious. The bartender has really great local beers on tap as well. Its also nice to have the patio outside.

Andrew Croy

Attentive Service

Went during the soft opening. Loved the food. Fast attentive service.

Jessica Footz

Beef Tataki

Excellent, unique sushi rolls. Fresh sashimi served on ice. Loved the beef tataki! Free lotus chips are fantastic! Still early in their launch, but I highly recommend for anyone who loves sushi/Japanese cuisine.

Dylan Bartel

New Server

I don’t normally post reviews because my thoughts are usually already summed up in the existing reviews, but I feel like it would be a disservice if I chose to do the same thing this time.

We ordered takoyaki, king, spicy Salmon rolls, ramen, seafood Don and the Iruka poke bowl. The takoyaki were great! But honestly I haven’t tried takoyaki at many places, so my judgement might not be the best, but they were definitely the best part of the meal.

The King was kind of weird, it had spicy melted cheese on it. The sushi part of it tasted okay, and the spice had a good kick to it, but it definitely wasn’t amazing, like what you’d think a dish named ‘King’ would be. The spicy Salmon rolls were a little better, but were rolled a little loose so the insides almost fell out as we were putting them into our mouths. The were also very saucy(?) The sushi was made with a very strong sauce that was overpowering, and it also came with sauce drizzled on top…

I didn’t ask my friend how his ramen was, but he didn’t make any comments about it being good, which he would have done had it been good enough to make a positive comment about. The Iruka bowl looked great, but the sauce had wasabi in it, which was quite surprising because Dorinku has a dish with a sauce that looks exactly the same but tastes nothing like wasabi. The wasabi flavour in this sauce was very strong, and made the entire dish taste like wasabi. I tried my best to enjoy it and ate it as fast as I could so that I wouldn’t have to have the wasabi taste in my mouth for too long but before I could finish half my sinuses just started to hurt like crazy from all the wasabi. I didn’t finish it and gave it to my boyfriend to have while I ate his seafood Don.

The don was good, but a little too sweet. It also came with very little rice so we ordered a side of rice. After waiting twenty minutes for our rice we asked a person working there (kitchen staff maybe?) For rice and it took her less than a minute to get.

Towards the end of our meal (more than an hour and a half after we arrived) a different server started collecting our plates and dirty dishes. He also filled my water! Which was the first water refill I got because our server disappeared for like thirty minutes. This second server was super nice and competent, largely because he had only been on the floor for two minutes and had done more for my table than our original server did the whole time we were there.

Overall I’d say the service is a hit or miss. I can see that some of the servers there are actually quick and efficient, but mine definitely wasn’t. She seemed new too, or at least made no attempt to seem experienced.
I wouldn’t go back and wouldn’t recommend going to try it. I don’t drink but my party ordered two drinks each and they said they were pretty good.
One star for good takoyaki and drinks, another star for two minutes of good service from a service who has potential to provide great service.

Jennifer Hu

Support Local

Open l8, food is gr8 – get sum n support local ??????????????

Jared Zamzow


Skewers are excellent. Prompt service, has open seating at front

Julia Arnold

Best Sushi

Had a drink here today . Relaxing automsphere ,friendly staff, best sushi.

Jason Harrison

Sushi at 2am

unbelievable. Had sushi at 2am!!! taste not bad. Will try back at a normal time.?

Great variety

Great variety of Fusion food!
Great service & Delicious cocktails!!!

Colleen Zimmel

Awesome service & atmosphere

Awesome service & atmosphere. Will definitely be back. The Spring rolls & cocktails were delicious!

Sarah Daskewech

Love the Barbecue

I have been here several times. Iruka has very tasty food, especially the barbecue. I love the grilled squid the most. There are also secret menus for Chinese food. The atmosphere and decoration is also great for a weekend drink.


Unique Pasta

The pasta is unique! I’ve never tasted such pasta before. It’s really creamy, comes with cool pink/purple colour, lots of shrimp, and overall has very nice balance and flavour. It’s also very pricey at 19$. The sushi has very nice presentation and flavor but nothing unique about them. Tbh, if you want something unique from Ikura, get the pasta. For that pasta alone, I’ll give this place 4 stars. Minus one star for being so expensive.

Jerry C.

Superb but Spicy!

My friend George and I went for lunch and had the spicy pork. Very spicy! I normally don’t enjoy spicy but it was both hot and soothing at the same time. My only complaint is there was no milk beverage available. I heard it’s coming… would go again, with the wife next time, as she’s from the Philippines and really enjoys spicy foods. Can’t wait.

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