Iruka Grill & Bar fulfills a longstanding desire to experience eating quality authentic, Asian cuisine in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Iruka’s cuisine brings a sense of belonging and a touch of home with the experience, and a taste of the home-made recipes fondly remembered from childhood. We searched for several years before finally deciding to bring our experience and passion to the table and converting our love and passion into a viable business to share with the public. We are also blessed in finding Chef Zhenyu Lui, and allowing our synergy and spirit to work together in bringing our homemade recipes to fruition through his international experience and expertise.

Zhenyu Liu - Head Chef

Zhenyu Liu – Head Chef

Zhenyu Liu’s experience, expertise and passion, combined with our authentic and home-made, genuine recipes defines an ambitious standard for modern Chinese cooking. The international Head Chef showcases exhilarating and delicious interpretations of both Chinese and Japanese food in a beautiful space . The room’s extraordinary looks, which blend traditional Chinese and modern Canadian sensibilities with an inviting, warm and relaxing atmosphere, are rivaled only by the mouthwatering menu, which melds ancient Eastern tradition with modern Western innovation.

Chef Zhenyu Liu has created a bridge between the longstanding culinary traditions of his native China and the contemporary Canadian palate, bringing intense excitement, exquisite technique and perfectly balanced flavours to thousands of diners in Edmonton. He has garnered critical and popular acclaim for his seamless integration of Western, Chinese and Japanese ingredients, creating a signature style that positions him as one of the region’s leading chefs. Chef Zhenyu sets a gold standard in creating signature dishes served in a relaxing atmosphere, and we are extremely pleased in working alongside such a master of the culinary arts.